My Country


Artist: Ningura Napurrula
Title: My Country
Number: MG.0994
Painted: 2010
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 150 cm x 90 cm
Investment Piece: Yes



Ningura has painted ‘My Country’, an area associated with the rock hole site of Walyuta, south west of Mantati Outstation. About 70km west of the Kintore community.

The roundels are the rock holes, and the lines are the sand hills surrounding this area. In the mythological times, an old woman passed through this area during her travels towards the east. This old woman is said to be a ‘bit of a devil-devil’, and she kills and eats people as she goes. Brilliant piece of work from Ningura.

Ningura was listed in the 50 most collectable artists for 2007 in the Australian Art Collector.

This artwork comes with a series of working photos.