Women Gathering Bush Tucker


Title: Women Gathering Bush Tucker
Artist: Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi (Nungurayi)
Number: MG.1024
Painted: 2010
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 61 cm x 46 cm
Investment piece: Yes



Gabriella has painted a spectacular piece of artwork which represents her “Women Gathering Bush Tucker”. It relates to the bush tucker dreaming, and she shows dreamtime women gathering yams, seeds, fruits, and berries, as indicated by the -u” shapes. Campsites are indicated, spinifex grasses are also shown. The women are conducting ceremonies to celebrate the abundance of bush tucker, after the rains have gone. The white parallel lines indicated the paperbark coolamons used for collecting, and gathering bush fruits, Gabriella is the elder daughter of the late Clifford Possum (dec) it is most obvious that the brilliance of his artistic abilities, has been passed to Gabriella. A truly magnificent piece of work from her.